1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad – Issue 3A


by Dan Wickline & Pant The incredible adventures of Sinbad continue as he and his crew search for the missing pieces of the Jericho Visor. But as they approach the mysterious Islands of Fire, the crew of the Al Da’rab encounters a vicious and terrifying resistance. Meanwhile, the Witch Queen Alorana has her own plans for one of Sinbad’s crew, using her powers to make Samelia her apprentice and slave! Features 2 covers in a 50/50 ratio by Rich Bonk and Witchblade artist Stephen Sejic.

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Title: Sinbad and the Eyes of Fire, Part Three

Storyarc: Sinbad and the Eyes of Fire


Writer Daniel R. Wickline
Artist Tone Rodriguez
Colorist Nei Ruffino
Letterer Michael De Lepine
Cover Penciller Richard Bonk
Cover Colorist Nei Ruffino
Editor Raven Gregory

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