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Marvel’s Mightiest Women get their own explosive series! In a secluded corner of Battleworld, the utopian island of Arcadia is fiercely protected by a team of Avengers the likes of which has only ever been glimpsed before. Fighting to protect the small sliver of their world that’s left, the Amazing A-Force stands ready to take on all threats! When monsters appear on Arcadia, She-Hulk and A-Force set out to discover the source. But when they stumble upon a far-reaching conspiracy, She-Hulk is set up to violate Battleworld’s most sacred rule. Now, A-Force must face the planet’s protectors: The Thor Corps! A traitor in A-Force’s ranks is revealed, and she won’t rest until their island is razed. As Battleworld’s horrors bear down on Arcadia, what sacrifices will the members of A-Force make to save their home – and each other? Collecting A-FORCE #1-5. Rated T+

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Title: Warzones! (A-Force, Vol. 1 #1-5)


Writer G. Willow Wilson
Writer Marguerite Bennett
Penciller Jorge Molina
Inker Walden Wong
Inker Craig Yeung
Inker Jorge Molina
Colorist Matt Milla
Colorist Laura Martin
Letterer Cory Petit
Cover Artist Jim Cheung
Cover Colorist Laura Martin
Editor Daniel Ketchum
Editor Alanna Smith
Editor In Chief Axel Alonso


King Thor (Earth-14412) Thor Odinson
Miss America (Earth-TRN366) America Chavez
Singularity (Earth-BWUD)
Thor (Earth-BWUD) Samuel ‘Sam’ Wilson
Black Widow (Earth-BW35) Natasha Romanova
Captain Marvel (Earth-BW35) Carol Danvers
Crystal (Earth-BW35) Crystal Amaquelin
Dazzler (Earth-BW35) Alison Blaire
Loki (Earth-BW35) Loki Laufeyson
Medusa (Earth-BW35) Medusalith Amaquelin
Namora (Earth-BW35) Aquaria Neptunia
Namorita (Earth-BW35) Namorita Prentiss
Phoenix (Earth-BW35) Jean Grey
Pixie (Earth-BW35) Megan Gwynn
Meggan Puceanu (Earth-BW35)
Rogue (Earth-BW35) Anna Marie
She-Hulk (Earth-BW35) Jennifer Walters
Sister Grimm (Earth-BW35) Nico Minoru
Spectrum (Earth-BW35) Monica Rambeau
Spider-Woman (Earth-BW35) Jessica Drew
Spider-Woman (Earth-BW35) Gwendolyne ‘Gwen’ Stacy
Storm (Earth-BW35) Ororo Munroe
Stormbreaker Ray (Earth-BWUD) Beta Ray Bill
Sub-Mariner (Earth-BW35) Namor McKenzie
Black Bolt (Earth-BW35) Blackagar Boltagon
Hawkeye (Earth-BW35) Katherine ‘Kate’ Bishop
Ms. Marvel (Earth-BW35) Kamala Khan
Scarlet Witch (Earth-BW35) Wanda Maximoff
Spider-Girl (Earth-BW35) Anya Corazón
Squirrel Girl (Earth-BW35) Doreen Green
Thor (Earth-BWUD) Brunnhilde
Thor (Earth-BWUD) Gamora
Thor (Earth-BWUD) Piotr ‘Peter’ Nikolaievitch Rasputin
Thor (Earth-BWUD) Sif
Thor (Earth-BWUD) Kurt Wagner
White Queen (Earth-BW35) Emma Frost

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