Abattoir – Issue 1


(W) Rob Levin, Troy Peteri (A) Bing Cansino (C) Tae Young Choi From director Darren Lynn Bousman (the SAW franchise, Mother’s Day, Repo! The Genetic Opera) comes a chilling, supernatural tale set in the cold beauty of Middle America in the late ’80s! After a brutal massacre takes place in a gorgeous house, real estate agent and family man Richard Ashwalt is assigned the impossible task of picking up the pieces and selling the property. As Richard inspects the blood-soaked grounds a twisted old man journeys to the house with a sinister and terrifying purpose. Richard is about to be drawn into a web of shadows, murders and massacres that will shatter him to his very core! MATURE THEMES

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Writer Rob Levin
Writer Troy Peteri
Artist Bing Cansino
Inker Bing Cansino
Colorist Andrei Pervukhin
Letterer Troy Peteri

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