Action Comics, Vol. 1 – Issue 613


Green Lantern: Head Trip – Hal Jordan is being subjected to a barrage of emotions from Mind Games. He’s subjected to jealous rage, passion, and guilt, but manages to turn the tables when he’s attacked with fear. Meanwhile, Arisia starts a career of her own.Nightwing: The Chesire Contract – Nightwing is handling some cigarette smugglers when Speedy joins the scene to lend a hand. The pair catch up on old times a bit, as they head out on a mission to track down Cheshire.Phantom Stranger: Can’t Judge a Book… – A series of strange deaths by old age are happening to people young or old. The victims are all found reading books by the same author, who comes to the Phantom Stranger for help.Superman: Wicked Business – Superman makes sure Bob Galt has a safe place to stay before seeking answers, unaware that those who attacked Galt now plan to attack Superman directly.Catwoman: The Tin Roof Club, Part 3 – Selina follows the information from Holly to track down Arthur and the brooch that led to murder. However, Arthur is unwilling to part with it easily.Black Canary: Bitter Fruit, Part 5 – Black Canary follows a trail of forged immigration documents right back to the thugs that attacked Luis. Sadly, she’s not the only one on the trail…

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Title: Head Trip / The Cheshire Contract, Part 1 / Can’t Judge A Book… / Wicked Business! / The Tin Roof Club, Part 3 / Bitter Fruit, Part 5


Writer Roger Stern
Writer Peter David
Writer Paul Kupperberg
Writer Marv Wolfman
Artist Tod Smith
Penciller Curt Swan
Penciller Tom Grindberg
Penciller Chuck Patton
Inker Dennis Janke
Inker Tom Poston
Inker Murphy Anderson
Colorist Petra Goldberg-Scotese
Colorist Adrienne Roy
Colorist Anthony Tollin
Letterer Bob Pinaha
Letterer Bill Oakley
Letterer Albert De Guzman
Cover Artist Michael Wm. Kaluta
Editor Dan Raspler
Editor Mike Gold
Editor Barbara Kesel
Editor Denny O’Neil
Editor Mike Carlin


Nightwing Dick Grayson
Cheshire Jade Nguyen
Holly Robinson
Green Lantern Hal Jordan
Catwoman Selina Kyle
Phantom Stranger
Bruce Gordon
Speedy Roy Harper
Mind Games
Green Lantern Arisia Rrab
Superman Kal-El / Clark Kent
Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance

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