Action Comics, Vol. 1 – Issue 616


Green Lantern: Safe at Home – Hal Jordan overcomes his recently returned fear in time to make his way out of the safe. With that accomplished, he accidentally vents his anger with himself out at Arisia, and then heads to another old friend to pick up the trail.Blackhawk: Mission: Implausible – Leslie Richardson is clearly not what Blackhawk expecting (what with Leslie being male and all), which makes the mission a tough sell, especially when it seems Leslie may be lying about the details.Wild Dog: Fatal Distraction, Chapter 2 – Battle Gear – Wild Dog is on the hunt for the serial killer, not realizing what he’s inspired in a loyal young fan.Superman: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Superman and the doctors examine the man he attacked, and they quickly prove Superman’s innocence in his death. Unfortunately, they end up with more questions than they started with.Nightwing: Counterpoint – Nightwing has tracked down enough information to know Speedy’s plan stinks. He tries to catch up with Speedy, but runs into Cheshire instead.Black Canary: Bitter Fruit, Part 8 – Black Canary tracks the cause of the murders to its root: a crooked chemist who didn’t want immigrants exposed to his products to become legal citizens, for fear of the legal action that would be taken against him.

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Title: Safe At Home / Mission: Implausible / Fatal Distraction, Part 2: Battle Gear / Dead Men Tell No Tales / The Cheshire Contract, Part 4: Counterpoint / Bitter Fruit, Conclusion


Writer Roger Stern
Writer Martin Pasko
Writer Sharon Wright
Writer Peter David
Writer Marv Wolfman
Writer Max Allan Collins
Artist Rick Burchett
Penciller Curt Swan
Penciller Terry Beatty
Penciller Randy DuBurke
Penciller Chuck Patton
Penciller Richard Howell
Inker John Nyberg
Inker Pablo Marcos
Inker Tom Poston
Inker Murphy Anderson
Inker Arne Starr
Colorist Gene D’Angelo
Colorist Carl Gafford
Colorist Petra Goldberg-Scotese
Colorist Tom Ziuko
Colorist Anthony Tollin
Letterer Tim Harkins
Letterer Helen Vesik
Letterer Steve Haynie
Letterer Bill Oakley
Letterer Albert De Guzman
Cover Artist Alex Toth
Editor Dan Raspler
Editor Mike Gold
Editor Barbara Kesel
Editor Denny O’Neil
Editor Brian Augustyn
Editor Mike Carlin


Nightwing Dick Grayson
Cheshire Jade Nguyen
Blackhawk Janos Prohaska
Green Lantern Hal Jordan
Wild Dog Jack Wheeler
Speedy Roy Harper
Andre Blanc-Dumont
Lady Blackhawk Natalie Reed
Carlos ‘Chuck’ Sirianni
Castle Roger ‘Max’ Castle
Runaround Sue (Freak Show)
Siphon (Freak Show)
Chop-Chop Weng Chan
Green Lantern Arisia Rrab
Superman Kal-El / Clark Kent
Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance

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