Action Comics, Vol. 1 – Issue 621


Green Lantern: Gremlins – Hal Jordan is test flying an aircraft for Elite when an engine blows. Having left his ring behind, he’s going to need to land the crippled plane if he intends to live.Wild Dog: Fatal Distraction, Chapter Seven – Stab in the Dark – Andy stonewalls Wild Dog, so he turns to his friend in the press. The leads take him to the club with the night slasher, but they bring Wild Pup there, too.Secret Six: Guess What We Learned In School Today? – Tony is still on the lam, and he’s still being pursued. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is working to hunt down those responsible for the V74 virus development project.Superman: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime – Superman stops the muggers from hurting Bob further, but when Bob comes to, he’s greeted by someone quite unexpected.Deadman: Grave Doings, Part 4 – Deadman learns that the twins he’s protecting aren’t in much need of protection. It soon becomes apparent that there’s a lot more going on than first suspected.Blackhawk: It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Futility – Blackhawk continues to make good the escape, learning the true relationship between the “Richardsons” in the process. Meanwhile, their captors know the volcano is going to blow, so they make preparations to leave, with or without the captives.

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Title: Gremlins! / Fatal Distraction / Guess What We Learned In School Today? / Let The Punishment Fit The Crime / Deadman / It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Futility


Writer Roger Stern
Writer Martin Pasko
Writer Mike Baron
Writer Max Allan Collins
Writer James C. Owsley
Artist Rick Burchett
Penciller Curt Swan
Penciller Kelley Jones
Penciller Frank Springer
Penciller Mark D. Bright
Penciller Dick Rockwell
Inker John Nyberg
Inker José Marzan Jr.
Inker Frank McLaughlin
Inker Pablo Marcos
Inker Tony DeZuniga
Colorist Carl Gafford
Colorist Daniel Vozzo
Colorist Tom Ziuko
Colorist Anthony Tollin
Letterer Harkins Tim
Letterer Steve Haynie
Letterer Bill Oakley
Letterer Albert De Guzman
Cover Artist Joe Orlando
Editor Dan Raspler
Editor Mike Gold
Editor Barbara Kesel
Editor Bob Greenberger
Editor Denny O’Neil
Editor Brian Augustyn
Editor Mike Carlin


Blackhawk Janos Prohaska
Deadman Boston Brand
Green Lantern Hal Jordan
Wild Dog Jack Wheeler
Francis ‘Chip’ (Elite Design Consultants) Francis ‘Chip’
Hawk (Elite Design Consultants)
Andre Blanc-Dumont
Olaf Friedriksen
Anthony Mantegna
Vic Sommers
Maria Verdugo
Alice (Elite Design Consultants)
Dex (Elite Design Consultants)
Carlos ‘Chuck’ Sirianni
Superman Kal-El / Clark Kent

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