Action Comics, Vol. 1 – Issue 689


Steel lures those following him into an area where he can fight back without risking innocent lives. The battle is interrupted by the Superman with the visor, who fights with more ferocity than Steel approves of. With Lois Lane’s intervention, the two calm down, but a slimy lawyer sets them off again.

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Title: Reign of the Supermen, Part 9: Who Is The Hero True?

Crossover: Reign of the Supermen


Writer Roger Stern
Writer Jennifer Frank
Penciller Jackson ‘Butch’ Guice
Inker Denis Rodier
Colorist Glenn Whitmore
Letterer Bill Oakley
Cover Penciller Kerry Gammill
Cover Inker Jackson ‘Butch’ Guice
Editor Mike Carlin


Martha Kent
Steel John Henry Irons
Eradicator David Connor
Jonathan Kent
Lois Lane
Cyborg Superman Hank Henshaw
Mongul I
Jimmy Olsen
Superboy Kon-El / Conner Kent
Supergirl Matrix / Linda Danvers
Moon, Tana
Lex Luthor
Superman Kal-El / Clark Kent

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