Action Comics, Vol. 1 – Issue 864


The Time Trapper is monitoring Clark and Lightning Lad as they meet with Batman. The future is about to change dramatically as a result of the Final Crisis and the world of New Krypton, but that doesn’t stop the Time Trapper from toying with the heroes first.

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Title: Batman And The Legion Of The Super-Heroes


Writer Geoff Johns
Penciller Joe Prado
Inker Jonathan Sibal
Colorist David Curiel
Letterer Rob Leigh
Cover Artist Kevin Maguire
Editor Matt Idelson
Editor Nachie Castro
Editor In Chief Dan DiDio


Impulse Bart Allen
Lightning Lad Garth Ranzz
Gates Ti’julk Mr’asz
Chameleon Boy Reep Daggle
Wildfire Drake Burroughs
Ferro Andrew Nolan
Shadow Lass Tasmia Mallor
Time Trapper
Starman (Earth-22) Thom Kallor
Green Lantern Kyle Rayner
Flash Jay Garrick
Dr. Fate (Earth-2) Kent Nelson
Hawkman (Earth-2) Carter Hall
Flash Wally West
Green Arrow Connor Hawke
Princess Projectra Projectra Vauxhall
Green Lantern (Earth-2) Alan Scott
Saturn Girl Imra Ardeen
Batman Bruce Wayne
Superman Kal-El / Clark Kent
Commissioner James Gordon
Wonder Woman Diana of Themyscira

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