Action Comics, Vol. 1 – Issue 884


The effects of the Phantom Zone on Nightwing’s body have come to a head. His body has prematurely aged into that of an old man. With nowhere else on Earth to turn, Thara has taken him to Dr. Hoshi at STAR Labs. However, STAR’s leading xenobiologist, Dr. Pillings, is in fact the Kryptonian criminal Jax-Ur, another of Zod’s sleeper-agents on Earth. Repairing the damage done to Chris would be the simplest thing of all for him, but in exchange he wants something from the Flamebird. Word has gotten out that Lois is working on a story exposing the military as the true source of the destruction of the Metropolis sewer system, and that the ‘Metropolis Three’ of Nightwing, Flamebird and Supergirl were framed. General Lane has sent a team to the Daily Planet to bring in his wayward daughter.

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Title: World Against S – Diivine Spark, Part 2 / Captain Atom, Chapter 6

Storyarc: Diivine Spark

Crossover: World Against S


Writer Greg Rucka
Writer Eric S. Trautmann
Writer James Robinson
Artist Cafu
Penciller Pere Pérez
Inker Bit
Colorist Javier Mena
Colorist Santiago Arcas
Letterer Rob Leigh
Cover Artist Cafu
Cover Colorist Santiago Arcas
Editor Matt Idelson
Editor Wil Moss
Editor In Chief Dan DiDio


Cyborg Victor Stone
Lois Lane
Mon-El Lar Gand
Midnighter Lucas Trent
Steve Lombard
Green Arrow Oliver Queen
Ron Troupe
Green Lantern Hal Jordan
Atom Ray Palmer
Perry White
Starfire Koriand’r / Kory Anders
Nightwing Lor-Zod / Christopher Kent
Flamebird Thara Ak-Var
Captain Atom Nathaniel Christopher Adam
Batman Bruce Wayne
Samuel Lane
Major Force Clifford Zmeck
Jax-Ur Vohc-The-Builder
Dr. Light Kimiyo Hoshi
Congorilla William ‘Congo Bill’ Glenmorgan
Superman Kal-El / Clark Kent
Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance
Power Girl Karen Starr
Apollo (Stormwatch) Andrew

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