Action Comics, Vol. 1 – Issue 889


Written by GREG RUCKA & ERIC TRAUTMANN Co-feature written by JAMES ROBINSON Art by PERE P?REZ Co-feature art by CAFU With the fate of both New Krypton and Earth weighing on their young shoulders, are Nightwing & Flamebird prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice? And in the co-feature, Captain Atom has managed to find a way back to Mirabai’s world, intent on confronting the woman who made him a tool of destruction – but what stunning revelation awaits him there?

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Title: Truth To Power, Fiinale / Captain Atom, Finale

Storyarc: Truth To Power


Writer Greg Rucka
Writer Eric S. Trautmann
Writer James Robinson
Artist Cafu
Penciller Pere Pérez
Inker Bit
Colorist Javier Mena
Colorist Santiago Arcas
Letterer Rob Leigh
Cover Artist Alex Garner
Editor Matt Idelson
Editor Wil Moss


Green Lantern Alan Scott
Lois Lane
Mon-El Lar Gand
Zatara Zachary Zatara
Ron Troupe
Mordru Wrynn
Perry White
Sonar Bito Wladon
Mr. Terrific Michael Holt
Flash Jay Garrick
Wonder Woman Diana Prince
Nightwing Lor-Zod / Christopher Kent
Flamebird Thara Ak-Var
Captain Atom Nathaniel Christopher Adam
Jax-Ur Vohc-The-Builder
Lex Luthor
Dr. Fate Dr. Kent V. Nelson

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