Action Comics, Vol. 3 – Issue 1020A


Apex Lex Luthor’s first run-in with the Infected didn’t go as planned, and the Batman Who Laughs’ influence is continuing to spread. Now Lex must find out who in the world can think like the Batman Who Laughs-and there are only two folks who come to mind. The first is Batman, who probably has his own ideas for Lex; the other is The Joker, who also likely has his own ideas, but who just maybe wants to see this twisted doppelgänger sent back to the Dark Multiverse he came from. It’s a gamble Lex has to take, because the Infected are gearing up for round two!

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Title: Metropolis Doom!, Part 4

Storyarc: Metropolis Doom!


Writer Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller John Romita, Jr.
Inker Klaus Janson
Colorist Brad Anderson
Letterer Dave Sharpe
Cover Artist John Romita, Jr.
Cover Colorist Alex Sinclair
Editor Jamie S. Rich
Editor Brittany Holzherr


Cheetah Barbara Minerva
Green Lantern John Stewart
Impulse Bart Allen
Lex Luthor
Starman Will Payton
Hawkgirl Kendra Saunders
Flash Barry Allen
Gorilla Grodd Grodd
Superboy Kon-El / Conner Kent
Batman Bruce Wayne
Brainiac Vril Dox
Sinestro Thaal Sinestro
Wonder Woman Diana
Wonder Girl Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Sandsmark
Superman Kal-El / Clark Kent
Red Robin Tim Drake
Jinny Hex
Teen Lantern Keli Quintela
Naomi Naomi Mcduffie
Leviathan Mark Shaw
Drake Timothy ‘Tim’ Jackson Drake

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