Adventure Comics, Vol. 1 – Issue 326


Queen Azura of the planet Femnaz hypnotizes the female Legionnaires, including Supergirl, into attacking their male comrades. Supergirl invents a gas that nullifies Durlans’ powers (later called Cancellite). A modified form working on Proteans appears in Adventure Comics #334

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Title: The Revolt Of The Girl Legionnaires! / Bad Boy Clark Kent!


Writer Jerry Siegel
Penciller John Forte
Inker George Klein
Letterer Milt Snapinn
Cover Penciller Curt Swan
Cover Inker George Klein
Editor Mort Weisinger


Lana Lang
Martha Kent
Jonathan Kent
Element Lad Jan Arrah
Mon-El Lar Gand
Lightning Lad Garth Ranzz
Phantom Girl Tinya Wazzo
Light Lass Ayla Ranzz
Colossal Boy Gim Allon
Chameleon Boy Reep Daggle
Shrinking Violet Salu Digby
Brainiac 5 Querl Dox
Cosmic Boy Rokk Krinn
Ultra Boy Jo Nah
Invisible Kid Lyle Norg
Star Boy Thom Kallor
Triplicate Girl Luornu Durgo
Superboy Kal-El / Clark Kent
Saturn Girl Imra Ardeen
Matter Eater Lad Tenzel Kim
Proty II
Supergirl Linda Danvers
Queen Azura

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