Adventure Comics, Vol. 1 – Issue 327


The Legionnaires visit the planet Zuun (spelled “Zoon” in this story), where Light Lass falls in love with Brin Londo (Lone Wolf), a young man who gained super powers after his father exposed him to rare zuunium radiation. Brin erroneously believes that he is an android, Karth Arn, not a human being, but the Legion demonstrates that he is indeed human, given amnesia by the real Karth Arn. Brin later joins the Legion Academy and trains to be a Legionnaire.

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Title: The Lone Wolf Legionnaire/ “The Menace Of Superboy’s Father!”


Writer Ed Hamilton
Artist John Forte
Letterer Milt Snappinn
Cover Penciller Curt Swan
Cover Inker George Klein
Editor Mort Weisinger


Sun Boy Dirk Morgna
Mon-El Lar Gand
Lightning Lad Garth Ranzz
Light Lass Ayla Ranzz
Chameleon Boy Reep Daggle
Brainiac 5 Querl Dox
Ultra Boy Jo Nah
Timber Wolf Brin Londo
Superboy Kal-El / Clark Kent
Saturn Girl Imra Ardeen
Commissioner Desmond Wilson
Lone Wolf Brin Londo

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