Adventures Of The Super Sons – Issue 5


The Super Sons need a break!! After the space adventures of the past few issues, Jon (Superboy) and Damian (Robin) take what they think is a peaceful diversion to what winds up being a miracle-machine planet (as tends to happen in deep space). There, they get a look at their potential future selves, including a surprising preview of parenthood!

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Title: Deus Ex Machina


Writer Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller Carlo Barberi
Inker Matt Santorelli
Colorist Protobunker Studio
Letterer Rob Leigh
Cover Artist Dan Mora
Editor Marie Javins
Editor Paul Kaminski
Editor Andrew Marino
Editor In Chief Robert ‘Bob’ Harras


Brainiac 6
Robin Damian Wayne
Superboy Jon Kent
Joker Jr.
Rex Luthor

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