Airboy 1942 Best Of Enemies – Issue A


While escorting a flight of B-17’s behind German lines on the Russian front, Davy Nelson meets the female German pilot known as Valkyrie for the first time. He proves the superior pilot, but isn’t happy with the actions taken by the Russian soldiers on the ground with their new prisoner. His chivalry gets him captured by the Russians, and his plane Birdie seized for the People’s Revolution. He and the other captive American Aviators plot an escape, but he’s not going to leave that female pilot in the Russian’s hands.

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Title: The Best Of Enemies


Writer Chuck Dixon
Artist Todd Fox
Artist Lito Fernandez
Colorist Val Staples
Letterer Josh Aitken
Cover Artist Steve Bryant
Editor Joe Gentile
Editor In Chief Joe Gentile


Airboy David Nelson Jr.
Valkyrie (Airboy)

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