All-New Ghost Rider – Issue 10


– ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER VS. GUERO’S BLUE KRUE & The Russian Mob! – Can ROBBIE & ELI end their heated inner struggle between Righteous Duty and Satanic Rage in time to avoid their demise? – Can JOHNNY BLAZE stir his new protégé in the right direction, or will the All-New Ghost Rider become his most evenly matched enemy for all eternity? Rated T+

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Title: Legend, Part 5

Storyarc: Legend


Writer Felipe Smith
Penciller Damion Scott
Inker Cory Hamscher
Colorist Val Staples
Letterer Joe Caramagna
Cover Artist Damion Scott
Cover Artist Brad Anderson
Editor Mark Paniccia
Editor In Chief Axel Alonso


Mr. Hyde Calvin Zabo
Ghost Rider Roberto ‘Robbie’ Reyes
Guero Valdez
Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze
Gabe Reyes

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