All-New Invaders HC / TP – Volume 3TP


Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch, has been driven mad by recent events – and now it’s up to Namor to stop his rampage! And in England, Spitfire and Union Jack must face a different kind of Invader – one from another world! In 1917, several WWI heroes banded together to battle Martians – and now the invading aliens are back! As the Winter Soldier dispatches the all-new Invaders to help Spitfire, Tanalth the Pursuer seeks answers – and Toro emerges from his Inhuman cocoon with dangerous new powers! Can the all-new Captain America help him navigate his rebirth? Killraven, the Eternals and the Inhumans guest-star as the Invaders struggle to solve the mystery of the Martian invasion! Plus: The team faces Lash and a neo-Nazi threat, but what do they want with Toro and the Iron Cross? Collecting ALL-NEW INVADERS #11-15.

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