All-New Invaders – Issue 15


THE RETURN OF TORO PART TWO – As the series draws to a close, STEVE ROGERS, JIM HAMMOND and NAMOR consider the INVADERS’ past and future. – Meanwhile the Neo-Nazi threat that these heroes (including RADIANCE and SAM WILSON CAPTAIN AMERICA) face, now involves both LASH and the Royal Family of the INHUMANS, with both sides after both TORO and IRON CROSS. – And what of the impending threats from the MARTIANS, the KREE and ETERNALS? – And the final fate of HAIRBALL THE CAT. Rated T+

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Title: The Return of Toro, Part Two

Storyarc: The Return of Toro


Writer James Robinson
Artist Steve Pugh
Colorist Guru eFX
Letterer Cory Petit
Cover Artist Steve Pugh
Cover Colorist Guru eFX
Editor Mark Paniccia
Editor Emily Shaw
Editor Chris Robinson
Editor In Chief Axel Alonso

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