Avengers Beyond – Issue 2A


As violence tears New York apart, and ordinary citizens become crazed, super-powered thugs with nothing but wanton destruction on their minds, Janet Van Dyne – A.K.A. the wonderfully winsome Wasp – fights to save not only the lives of her fellow heroes, but also a friendship. Which is not easy when that particular friend is trying to bash her head in. Join us for a story of nonstop action and relentless adventure that dares to ask the big questions, such as: How much punching is too much punching? The answer may surprise you.* * But it probably won’t. Rated T+

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Writer Derek Landy
Artist Greg Land
Cover Artist Greg Land
Cover Colorist Frank G. D’Armata
Inker Jay Leisten
Colorist Frank G. D’Armata
Letterer Cory Petit
Editor Tom Brevoort
Editor In Chief C.B. Cebulski


Luke Cage
She-Hulk Jennifer Walters
Black Panther T’Challa
Blade Eric Brooks
Wasp Janet van Dyne
Spider-Man Peter Parker
Thor Thor Odinson
Iron Man Anthony ‘Tony’ Stark
Captain Marvel Carol Danvers
Daredevil Matthew Murdock
Doctor Strange Clea Strange
Tiamok Rath
Captain America Steven ‘Steve’ Rogers
Sel Sennen

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