Batgirl, Vol. 1 – Issue 57


Like all of Batman’s other associates, Batgirl is moving from situation to situation with no time to rest or plan. Oracle diverts her to go give Onyx a hand despite Onyx’s insistence that she’s fine. But the situation is changing on the streets. The chaos that’s enveloped Gotham began as a gang war, but without any strong leadership, the gangs are breaking down. Now criminals roam the streets shooting at almost anything that moves. Oracle’s trying to analyze the pattern of the criminals’ movement, but with the constant action, she hasn’t slept for days. As she tries to clear her head, she hears Black Mask on the television, being interviewed by Arturo Rodriguez. He’s summoned all of Gotham’s criminals to meet him at the place he was told by Hush was the Batcave… Oracle’s clock tower!

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Title: War Games: Act Three – Endgame, Part 6: Ground Zero

Crossover: War Games: Act Three – Endgame


Writer Dylan Horrocks
Penciller Mike Huddleston
Inker Jesse Delperdang
Colorist Jason Wright
Letterer Rob Leigh
Cover Artist James Jean
Editor Michael Wright


Oracle Barbara Gordon
Batgirl Cassandra Cain
Black Mask Roman Sionis
Onyx Onyx Adams

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