Batman Annual – Issue 14


Dr. Rudolph Klemper was arrested for the serial killing of senior citizens and was put on trial by DA Harvey Dent. Klemper was found to be innocent but revealed to Dent that he was able to control a double personality and maintain his innocence. Dent began his descent into madness and killed Klemper. Dent began a professional relationship with Batman to increase the conviction rate of Batman’s collars, but Batman didn’t like the methods Dent wanted to begin employing. The trial for Boss Maroni was beginning and Maroni was putting pressure on Dent, to no avail. Eventually, Maroni had acid smuggled into the court-room and splashed it on Dent during the trial, completing Dent’s turn into Two-Face and madness.

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Title: The Eye Of The Beholder


Writer Andrew Helfer
Penciller Chris Sprouse
Colorist Adrienne Roy
Letterer John Costanza
Cover Penciller Neal Adams
Editor Dan Raspler
Editor Denny O’Neil


Alfred Pennyworth
Two-Face Harvey Dent
Barbara Gordon
James Gordon
James Gordon Jr.
Batman Bruce Wayne
Dr Ruldolph Klemper
Vincent Maroni
Gilda Dent

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