Extreme Venomverse – Issue 1A


RETURN TO THE VENOMVERSE! Face front, Venomaniacs – to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the creation of VENOM, the SUMMER OF SYMBIOTES IS UNDERWAY! And it all starts with EXTREME VENOMVERSE, a landmark series that’s going to take Mighty Marveldom to corners of the hive never seen before in three titanic tales! FIRST! Comics superstars RYAN NORTH AND PAULO SIQUEIRA put a fresh and exciting spin on a story you may be familiar with… starring Eddie Brock as… SPIDER-MAN?! THEN! Your new favorite comics writer, MIRKA ANDOLFO, shows you a side of the whole Brock family you NEVER thought you’d see! AND FINALLY! One of the best writer/artists in comics today, LEONARDO ROMERO, reimagines Venom as a SAMURAI! But whether all of your new favorite symbiotes will survive this summertime saga remains to be seen? Rated T+

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Title: The Best Part Of Him / All In The Family / Tip Of The Blade


Writer Mirka Andolfo
Writer Leonardo Romero
Writer Ryan North
Writer Louise Simonson
Artist Nico Leon
Artist Paulo Siqueira
Cover Artist Leinil Francis Yu
Penciller Paulo Siqueira
Penciller Leonardo Romero
Inker Greg LaRocque
Inker Nico Leon
Inker JP Mayer
Inker Roberto Poggi
Colorist Erick Arciniega
Colorist Federico Blee
Colorist Roberto Poggi
Colorist George Roussos
Colorist Ruth Redmond
Colorist Jim Mooney
Letterer Federico Blee
Letterer Ruth Redmond
Letterer Joe Sabino
Editor Devin Lewis
Editor Peach Momoko
Editor In Chief C.B. Cebulski


Spider-Man Peter Parker
Dr. Octopus Otto Octavius
Venom Dylan Brock
Venom Edward ‘Eddie’ Brock
Spider-Man Edward Brock
She-Venom Anne Brock
Samurai Venom Takemoto Tatsuya
Agent Venom (Earth-1051) Anne Weying

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