Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War – Issue 5A


The most dangerous person in the Marvel Universe has thrown in with some of the most dangerous people in the Fortnite universe. But what does Doom really want? And how far will he go to get it? Each first print issue contains a redeemable code to unlock a bonus digital cosmetic in Fortnite! See issue for details.

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Writer Christos N. Gage
Writer Donald Mustard
Cover Artist Leinil Francis Yu
Penciller Sergio Davila
Inker Elisabetta D’Amico
Inker Sean Parsons
Colorist Edgar Delgado
Letterer Joe Caramagna
Editor Alanna Smith
Editor In Chief C.B. Cebulski


She-Hulk Jennifer Walters
Captain America Steve Rogers
Spider-Man Peter Parker
Iron Man Anthony ‘Tony’ Stark
Dr. Doom Victor von Doom
Storm Ororo Munroe
Captain Marvel Carol Danvers
Wolverine James ‘Logan’ Howlett
All-Father Thor Thor Odinson

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