Green Lantern, Vol. 3 Annual – Issue 1


Eclipso’s black diamonds are back and making the rounds. Eclipso seeks Green Lantern to exact revenge, and does so quite effectively when the diamonds reach Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris and Guy Gardner. The other Lanterns step forward to deal with the issue, but Eclipso knows how to give them the slip.

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Title: Eclipso: The Darkness Within, Diamond Rings

Crossover: Eclipso: The Darkness Within


Writer Gerard Jones
Penciller Andy Smith
Inker John Beatty
Colorist Matt Hollingsworth
Letterer Bob Lappan
Cover Artist Bill Willingham
Editor Kevin Dooley


Green Lantern John Stewart
Green Lantern Tomar-Tu
Star Sapphire Carol Ferris
Green Lantern AA
Green Lantern G’Nort Esplanade G’neeshmacher
Starman Will Payton
Green Lantern Hal Jordan
Mona Bennet
Green Lantern Brik
Green Lantern Boodikka
Green Lantern Larvox
Green Lantern Amanita
Green Lantern Chaselon
Green Lantern Kreon
Bruce Gordon
Green Lantern Guy Gardner
Green Lantern Kilowog

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