Green Lantern, Vol. 3 – Issue 177


Kyle is coping with the end of his relationship with Jade and his replacement in the JLA, but not easily. Just as he starts to truly feel unwanted and out of place, the new Sonar arrives to unleash a little mayhem. Though Sonar’s easy to deal with, his next adversary may not be.

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Title: Homecoming?, Part 2

Storyarc: Homecoming?


Writer Ron Marz
Penciller Luke Ross
Inker Rodney Ramos
Colorist Bill ‘Moose’ Baumann
Letterer Jared K. Fletcher
Cover Artist Brandon Peterson
Editor Peter J. Tomasi


Fatality Yrra Cynril
Green Lantern Kyle Rayner
Jade Jennifer-Lynn Hayden
Shilo Norman
Radu Stancu
Sonar Bito Wladon Jr.
Major Force Clifford Zmeck

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