Justice League of America, Vol. 1 – Issue 234


After stopping a terrorist attack, Vixen discovers that her uncle, General Maksai, killer of her father is in America. Zatanna chastises Aquaman for acting like a tyrant with the new recruits. Both Steel and Vibe find and then lose Gypsy but then find Vixen breaking into the Detroit jail to further question the terrorists she captured earlier, all of which is watched by The Monitor who turns his attention to the Overmaster and his training of the Cadre, including Crowbar and his new recruit, Shatterfist.

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Title: Rebirth, Part 2: Claws

Storyarc: Rebirth


Writer Gerry Conway
Penciller Chuck Patton
Inker Bill Anderson
Colorist Gene D’Angelo
Letterer Todd Klein
Cover Penciller Chuck Patton
Cover Inker Dick Giordano
Editor Alan Gold


Sue Dibny
Elongated Man Ralph Dibny
Fastball John Malone
Harbinger Lyla Michaels
Vibe Paco Ramone
Zatanna Zatanna Zatara
Crowbar Malcolm Tandy
Black Mass Geoffrey Thibodeux
Aquaman Orin / Arthur Curry
Vixen Mari Jiwe McCabe
Gypsy Cynthia ‘Cindy’ Reynolds
Steel Henry ‘Hank’ Heywood
Martian Manhunter J’onn J’onzz

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