Mortal Souls, Vol. 1 – Volume TP


(W) Steven Grant (A) Jacen Burrows Human beings are a merger of body and soul, but the two don’t die at the same rate. Sometimes one outlives the other. When a soul outlives its body, we call it a ghost. We have no word for what happens when a body outlives its soul, but the Hebrew Qabalists did. That word is ‘qelipoth’: meaning, literally, the husks of the dead. Pursuing an unpredictable killer, police detective Eric Sharpe watches his life turn into a waking nightmare as he gains ‘the sight’ and he discovers Qelipoth not only exist, but they are everywhere. And now they want him dead.

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Writer Steven Grant
Artist Philippe Xavier
Cover Artist Phillip Xavier
Cover Colorist Nimbus Studios
Editor In Chief William Christensen

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