Secret Avengers, Vol. 1 – Issue 2A


Written by ED BRUBAKER Penciled by MIKE DEODATO Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC Variant Cover by MIKE DEODATO THE HEROIC AGE IS HERE! On a mission no one can know about and already betrayed by one of their own! Our Secret Avengers strike force finds a link between Roxxon’s digs on Mars and a mysterious shadow group on Earth. But what evil will they face on the Red Planet itself, and will a hero fall? It’s the Avengers as you’ve never seen them before, by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato! 32 PGS./Rated T+ ?$3.99

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Title: The Heroic Age – Secret Histories, Part Two

Storyarc: Secret Histories

Crossover: The Heroic Age


Writer Ed Brubaker
Artist Will Conrad
Artist Mike Deodato Jr.
Colorist Rain Beredo
Letterer Dave Lanphear
Cover Artist Marko Djurdjevic
Editor Tom Brevoort
Editor Lauren Sankovitch
Editor In Chief Joe Quesada


Sharon Carter
Nova Richard Rider
Moon Knight Marc Spector
Steve Rogers
Ant-Man Eric O’Grady
Black Widow Natasha Romanoff
War Machine James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes
Beast Henry ‘Hank’ McCoy
Valkyrie Brunnhilde

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