Star Trek Voyager: Seven’s Reckoning – Issue 4A


The battle may be over, but the worst is yet to come. Torn between her growing attachment to an alien race and her new commitment to the Prime Directive, Seven of Nine must choose between altering the course of an entire society and her place aboard Voyager in the conclusion to this story set during Voyager’s amazing fourth season from writer Dave Baker (Action Hospital, F*ck Off Squad, Star Trek: Waypoint) and artist Angel Hernandez (Star Trek: Picard Countdown, Star Trek/Green Lantern).

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Title: Seven’s Reckoning – Part Four: The Endless Echo Of Hate


Writer Dave Baker
Artist Angel Hernandez
Colorist Ronda Pattison
Letterer Neil Uyetake
Cover Artist Angel Hernandez
Cover Colorist Ronda Pattison
Editor Chase W. Marotz
Editor In Chief John Barber

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