Suicide Squad, Vol. 6 – Issue 2A


With the power of Superboy now under her control, Task Force X mastermind Amanda Waller sends the hero into Arkham Asylum to rescue Peacemaker and bring Talon-the famed Court of Owls assassin-back to join the new Suicide Squad. With lives hanging in the balance, the teen clone must decide if he’s going to assist Waller, even if it means getting his hands a little bloody along the way.

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Title: Assault on Arkham, Part Two

Storyarc: Assault on Arkham


Writer Robbie Thompson
Penciller Eduardo Pansica
Inker Julio Ferreira
Colorist Marcelo Maiolo
Letterer Wes Abbott
Cover Penciller Eduardo Pansica
Cover Inker Julio Ferreira
Cover Colorist Marcelo Maiolo
Editor Mike Cotton
Editor Jamie S. Rich
Editor Bixie Mathieu


Peacemaker Christopher Smith
Amanda Waller
Batman Bruce Wayne
Talon William Cobb
Superboy Kon-El Kent
Mindwarp Peter Howard
Culebra Alejandra Cortez
Nocturna Natalia Metternich
Exit Jason Phillips

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