Teen Titans, Vol. 3 – Issue 27A


The Titans take down a few rich kids whose powers make them dangerous and whose attitudes are worse. They eventually button them up, and go off to celebrate Father’s Day – a particularly sad day for Robin – bowling. And while that’s going on, someone is petitioning the Lords of Chaos for power. That individual becomes the new Kestrel, and breaks two of the rich kids – Cross Christina and Server Aja – out of their prisoner transport. With them, he challenges the Titans for the thing his Chaos masters want: Raven’s soul. Fortunately, the Titans have help in Hawk and Dove.

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Title: Legacy, Part One

Storyarc: Legacy


Writer Gail Simone
Artist Rob Liefeld
Colorist Matt Yackey
Letterer Comicraft
Cover Artist Rob Liefeld
Cover Penciller Tony S. Daniel
Editor Joan Hilty
Editor Jeanine Schaefer


Raven Rachel Roth
Cyborg Victor Stone
Hawk Holly Granger
Kid Flash Bart Allen
Dove Dawn Granger
Lords of Chaos
Beast Boy Garfield Logan
Wonder Girl Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Sandsmark
Robin Tim Drake
Cross Christina Christina
Server Aja Zhang Xiaomei

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