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The work that brought writer Nat Gertler his Eisner Award nomination is collected in book form for the first time. This is a super-hero tale where you never see the super-hero. Instead, a series of connected short stories show how his presence effects the lives of everyone else: the cop on the beat, the crook on the street, the reporter, the retiree, the kid playing with a doll of the hero. Over 20 stories, illustrated by Eisner- and Friends of Lulu Award-nominee Justine Shaw (Nowhere Girl), Joe Staton, Ignatz Award- and Friends Of Lulu Award-winner and six-time Eisner nominee Carla Speed McNeil, mini-comics pioneer Matt Feazell, and many more.

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Title: Exposure, Arms And The Man, Protection


Writer Nat Gertler
Penciller Janine Johnston
Penciller Alexander Grecian
Penciller Adam Rex
Cover Artist Steve Lieber


The Factor

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