Trve Kvlt – Issue 1C


Marty Tarantella has been flipping burgers for 15 years. He has no kids, no hobbies, no love interests, and, essentially, no life. But what he does have is a plan to change everything. Years of watching the daily rhythms of the neighboring stores has given Marty the idea for a perfect heist, but when he accidentally steals a supernatural weapon from a cult full of violent lunatics, the resulting Satanic panic will be way above his minimum-wage pay grade. Nothing can prepare you for the coming of Trve Kvlt, a deliciously horrifying and hilarious new series from SCOTT BRYAN WILSON (Batman: Gotham Knights, Pennyworth) and LIANA KANGAS (Star Wars Adventures, She Said Destroy).

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Writer Scott Bryan Wilson
Artist Liana Kangas
Colorist Gab Contreras
Letterer D. C. Hopkins
Cover Artist Fabian Lelay

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