Ultimate Spider-Man – Issue 102


Peter is about to be subjected to Nick Fury’s odd weapon when he is rescued by Spider-Woman. While on the way to the Oscorp factory MJ is being held in, Spider-Woman explains that she’s just one in a successful series of cloning experiments using Peter Parker’s DNA, obtained from Ben Reilly. (See issue #64.) They arrive to find that one of the clones has injected MJ with Oz, so she can defend herself and be with Peter. This is almost as surprising as the identity of the individual who provided the Oz.

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Title: Clone Saga, Part 6

Storyarc: Clone Saga


Writer Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller Mark Bagley
Inker Andrew Hennessey
Inker John Dell III
Colorist Justin Ponsor
Letterer Cory Petit
Cover Artist Mark Bagley
Cover Colorist Richard Isanove
Editor Ralph Macchio
Editor In Chief Joe Quesada


Mr. Fantastic (Ultimate) Reed Richards
Invisible Woman (Ultimate) Susan Storm
Human Torch (Ultimate) Jonathan ‘Johnny’ Storm
Spider-Man (Ultimate) Peter Parker
Carnage (Ultimate) Gwen Stacy
Mary Jane Watson (Ultimate)
Henry Peter Gyrich (Ultimate)
Spider-Woman (Ultimate) Jessica Drew
Madame Web (Ultimate) Cassandra Webb
Dr. Octopus (Ultimate) Otto Octavius
Ben Reilly (Ultimate)
Thing (Ultimate) Benjamin J. Grimm
Cassandra Webb (Ultimate)
Nicholas ‘Nick’ Fury (Ultimate)

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