Warhammer 40000: Exterminatus – Issue 2B


Author(s): Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton Artist(s): Daniel Lapham Cover Artist(s): A: Justin Norman B: Tony Parker C: Tony Parker Inquisitor Alastor’s investigation leads him to track a cargo container carrying a dying Untouchable on it’s way to the merchant House De Kyp on the planet Demarius Secunda. All evidence suggests that this is on the orders of the nefarious Damask Brothers. With his savant Pascal and backed by a squad of Adeptus Arbites, Alastor and his Retinue storm the Damask’s island quarters. But can it all really be that simple? Features two alternate covers, cover A and cover B.

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Writer Daniel Abnett
Writer Ian Edginton
Artist David Lapham
Artist Rubine Cubiles
Artist Kev Hopgood
Colorist Nick Bell
Letterer Ed Dukeshire
Editor Ian Brill

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