Wolverine: Madripoor Knights – Issue 1C


Return to the island-nation of Madripoor as X-Men legend Chris Claremont takes the helm of an all-new WOLVERINE tale teaming Logan with his long-standing friends CAPTAIN AMERICA and the BLACK WIDOW! Picking up in the window of the all-time classic UNCANNY X-MEN #268, thrill to a brand-new adventure! When a secret weapon brings Captain America to Madripoor, the trio team-up you’ve been waiting decades for will finally come to pass as the mission brings Logan and Black Widow into a race against time against a multitude of foes, including the HAND! You’ve been waiting for this one…and you’ll never guess where it goes!    Rated T+

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Cover Artist John Bolton
Penciller Jim Lee
Inker Scott Williams
Colorist Glynis Oliver

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