Women of Marvel, Vol. 5 – Issue 1A


CELEBRATING THE MIGHTY WOMEN OF MARVEL! Because they worked hard for this and they deserve it! But who you callin’ “doll”?! Marvel’s most powerful heroines take center stage in an anthology that will inspire, empower and motivate fans from all walks of life! Whether it’s the Boss of Space pummeling back an alien invasion or the Scarlet Witch weaving a magical protection, the women of Marvel have got your back. Featuring a story by industry legend Gail Simone and more to come! Rated T+

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Cover Artist Carmen Nunez Carnero
Writer Gail Simone
Writer Erica Schultz
Writer Celeste Bronfman
Writer Sarah Rees Brennan
Artist Leila Leiz
Artist Arielle Jovellanos
Artist Giada Belviso
Penciller Lydia Rasero
Editor In Chief C.B. Cebulski

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