X-Men: Legacy, Vol. 1 – Issue 267


‘OCCUPY THE JEAN GREY SCHOOL’ – Avengers She-Hulk, Falcon and Moon Knight are tasked with securing the Jean Grey School… – And Rogue and her team of X-Men aren’t too happy about it!

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Title: AvX, Occupy The Jean Grey School

Crossover: AvX


Writer Christos N. Gage
Penciller Rafael Sandoval
Inker Jordi Tarragona
Colorist Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer Cory Petit
Cover Artist Mark Brooks
Cover Colorist Rachelle Rosenberg
Editor Nick Lowe
Editor Daniel Ketchum
Editor In Chief Axel Alonso


Husk Paige Guthrie
Gambit Remy LeBeau
Frenzy Joanna Cargill
Mimic Calvin Rankin
Moon Knight Marc Spector
Hellion Julian Keller
She-Hulk Jennifer Walters
Chamber Jonothon Starsmore
Rogue Anna Marie Raven
Falcon Sam Wilson
Glob Herman Robert Herman
Shadowcat Katherine ‘Kitty’ Pryde
Cannonball Samuel ‘Sam’ Guthrie
Match Benjamin Hamill

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