X-Men: Red, Vol. 2 – Issue 8A


WELCOME TO THE WORLD FARM! CABLE springs his trap for ABIGAIL BRAND – but are her plans too big for even the Askani’son to handle alone? To foil a scheme stretching from  the Sol System to the Shi’ar Empire and beyond, the Soldier of Tomorrow’s going to need all the help he can get… from his very own X-MEN RED! RATED T+

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Title: Destiny Of X, Mission To The Unknown

Crossover: Destiny Of X


Writer Al Ewing
Artist Madibek Musibekov
Colorist Federico Blee
Letterer Ariana Maher
Cover Artist Russell Dauterman
Editor Jordan D. White
Editor In Chief C.B. Cebulski


Abigail Brand
Nova Richard Rider
Frenzy Joanna Cargill
Vulcan Gabriel Summers
Mentallo Marvin Flumm
Thunderbird John Proudstar
Gladiator Kallark
Deathbird Cal’syee Neramani
Paibok the Power-Skrull
Blackjack O’Hare
Manifold Eden Fesi
Wiz-Kid Takashi Matsuya
Prince of Power Prince Otherone
Khora of the Burning Heart Khora
Cable Nathan ‘Nate’ Summers
Xandra Neramani
Weaponless Zsen Zsen

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