X-Men, Vol. 2 – Issue 17A


Written by VICTOR GISCHLER Pencils and Cover by JORGE MOLINA FF 50th Anniversary Variant by MARKO DJURDJEVIC GUEST-STARRING THE FF! The X-Men and the FF have gone through a portal in the Bermuda Triangle and are stuck in a strange land complete with Dinosaurs, Mayan Temples and strange snake people! It’s up to Reed Richards and Dr. Nemesis to get our crew back home, which isn’t the problem as they are two of the biggest brains in the Marvel U. The problem is that a portal to our world is exactly what the evil forces of this land want!

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Title: Betrayal In The Bermuda Triangle, Part Two

Storyarc: Betrayal In The Bermuda Triangle


Writer Victor Gischler
Penciller Jorge Molina
Inker Norm Lee
Inker Jorge Molina
Colorist Guru eFX
Letterer Joe Caramagna
Cover Artist Jorge Molina
Editor Nick Lowe
Editor Daniel Ketchum
Editor Jordan D. White
Editor In Chief Axel Alonso


Cyclops Scott Summers
Skull the Slayer Jim Scully
White Queen Emma Frost
Magneto Max / Erik Magnus Eisenhardt / Lehnsherr
Invisible Woman Susan Storm-Richards
Pixie Megan Gwynn
Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards
Dr. Doom Victor von Doom
Dr. Nemesis James Bradley
Aleytys ‘Lee’ Forrester
Wolverine Logan / James Howlett
Thing Benjamin J. Grimm
George Stanislaus

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