X-Men, Vol. 3 – Issue 11A


AN ALL-NEW SISTERHOOD! The X-Men have taken down super villains, aliens and their own future selves, …but never all at the same time! Lady Deathstrike has put together an all new Sisterhood, her own Illuminati to take down the X-Men and take over the world. Recruiting the likes of Typhoid Mary and Enchantress, her cabal go on a global hunt for the most powerful of them all…an enemy who holds the X-Men responsible for her almost-destruction. Meanwhile, M settles in and Rachel comes to terms with her relationship with Sublime.

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Title: Ghosts, Part 2 / Meanwhile…

Storyarc: Ghosts


Writer Brian Wood
Artist Kris Anka
Penciller Clay Mann
Inker Seth Mann
Colorist Paul Mounts
Colorist Jason Keith
Letterer Joe Caramagna
Cover Penciller Terry Dodson
Cover Inker Rachel Dodson
Cover Colorist Terry Dodson
Editor Tom Brennan
Editor Jeanine Schaefer
Editor Frankie Johnson


Mercury Cessily Kincaid
Selene Selene Gallio
John Sublime
Omega Sentinel Karima Shapandar
Hellion Julian Keller
Lady Deathstrike Yuriko Oyama
Sabra Ruth Bat-Seraph
Kid Omega Quentin Quire
M Monet St. Croix
Psylocke Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Braddock
Enchantress Amora
Jubilee Jubilation Lee
Typhoid Mary Mary Alice Walker
Pixie Megan Gwynn
Cipher Alisa Tager
Bling! Roxanne ‘Roxy’ Washington
Storm Ororo Munroe
Marvel Girl (Earth-811) Rachel Grey / Summers
Shogo Lee
Kymera (Earth-TRN311)
Arkea Reiko
Ana Cortes

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