Action Comics, Vol. 1 – Issue 893


Luthor leads a team (including Robot Lois Lane) into the Bwindi National Park in Uganda and is watched by Gorilla Grodd’s apes; Grodd surmises that Luthor is seeking the ‘anomaly’ his base was built around, and therefore knows what the anomaly might be; to get a better understanding of what Luthor knows of the anomaly, Grodd eats the brain of a previously-captured Luthor underling to absorb the knowledge, only to discover Luthor knows nothing; Luthor sends his apes after what is perceived as Luthor’s weakness – Lois Lane, not realizing she is an android; Grodd tries to eat Lois’ brain and realizes he’d been duped, then goes into the jungle and cuts Luthor’s head off; Grodd tries to eat Luthor but the head is that of another android that stuns Grodd and renders him unconcious; it is revealed that Luthor gave his underling bogus information, and put a chemical agent into his body, knowing that Grodd would eat the brain – thus giving Grodd faulty info and a chemical into his body that would affect his judgement; inside Grodd’s base and dressed as apes, Luthor and one of his underlings samples the black energy that Grodd refers to as an anomaly; as Luthor made his escape in a jet, Grodd shoots Luthor out and he falls to the ground; Luthor’s spirit looks down at his seemingly-dead body, then turns and meets Death herself. “Jimmy Olsen’s Big Week: Day One” – Jimmy is dumped by his girlfriend, Chloe Sullivan, because she finds him lazy and boring; Jimmy’s friends take him to a trendy nightclub to cheer him up; Sebastian Mallory, the fastest rising exec in Lexcorp history, arrives at the club with Chloe, who is doing a story on Mallory; when the club informs Jimmy and his friends that Mallory has that V.I.P. section reserved, Mallory and Jimmy have a verbal game of trying to one-up each other, until Jimmy states that he can stop an alien invasion.

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Title: The Black Ring, Part 4 / Jimmy Olsen’s Big Week: Day One

Storyarc: The Black Ring


Writer Paul Cornell
Writer Nick Spencer
Penciller Sean Chen
Penciller R.B. Silva
Inker Wayne Faucher
Inker Dym
Colorist Brad Anderson
Colorist Dave McCaig
Letterer Rob Leigh
Cover Penciller David Finch
Cover Inker Richard Friend
Cover Colorist Peter Steigerwald
Editor Matt Idelson
Editor Wil Moss


Gorilla Grodd Grodd
Death (DC / Vertigo)
Lex Luthor
Lois Lane Android
Chloe Sullivan
Sebastien Mallory
James Olsen

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