Action Comics, Vol. 1 – Issue 903A


The mastermind behind ‘Reign of Doomsday’ begins the final phase of his plan to destroy Superman and all mankind! Steel, Supergirl, Superboy and the heroes of Earth unite to try to stop the devastation, while Superman undertakes a dangerous journey in a desperate attempt to save the day! Retailers please note: These issues will ship with two covers each. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information. On sale JULY 27 ? 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US ? RATED T

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Title: Reign of the Doomsdays, Part 3

Storyarc: Reign of the Doomsdays


Writer Paul Cornell
Artist Axel Gimenez
Colorist Brad Anderson
Letterer Rob Leigh
Cover Artist Kenneth Rocafort
Editor Matt Idelson
Editor Wil Moss


Green Lantern Alan Scott
Raven Rachel Roth
Steel John Henry Irons
Green Lantern John Stewart
Lois Lane
Zatanna Zatanna Zatara
Dove Dawn Granger
Ravager Rose Wilson
Miss Martian M’Gann M’Orzz
Rocket Red #07 Vladimir Mikoyan
Supergirl Kara Zor-El
Superboy Kon-El / Conner Kent
Jesse Quick Jesse Chambers
Captain Atom Nathaniel Christopher Adam
Batman Bruce Wayne
Red Robin Tim Drake
Wonder Girl Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Sandsmark
Dr. Light Kimiyo Hoshi
Batman Dick Grayson
Congorilla William ‘Congo Bill’ Glenmorgan
Superman Kal-El / Clark Kent
Hawk Henry ‘Hank’ Hall
Dr. Fate Dr. Kent V. Nelson

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