Justice League of America, Vol. 2 – Issue 1F


Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman meet in the Batcave to go about reassembling the Justice League of America. As they discuss who they think deserves an invitation to join the League, we peek into the lives (and deaths) of several potential and former members.Dr. Magnus has helped to reassemble the Red Tornado’s android body, but his spirit hasn’t yet returned to it. His girlfriend Kathy Sutton sits by the body, waiting for him to wake up, and her daughter wants to know when Daddy is coming home. But Red Tornado has other plans. With Deadman’s assistance, he takes posession of a body left behind by Multiplex before his death. With no soul of it’s own, the body is just dead and empty, but Red wants to give those he loves more than just a cold android form.Vixen stops by a bar in Hub City looking for the Question, to learn that he hasn’t worked out of Hub City for at least a year.Black Lightning is using his status as a former member of Luthor’s presidential administration to get information from criminal sources. They’ll tell him almost anything in the hopes that he’ll put in a good word with Lex for them.And Oliver Queen knows exactly what’s going on when he finds Hal Jordan and Black Canary knocking at his door. But are they here to bring Green Arrow into the League… or are they there for someone else?

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Title: The Tornado’s Path, Chapter One: Life

Storyarc: The Tornado’s Path


Writer Brad Meltzer
Penciller Ed Benes
Inker Sandra Hope
Inker Mariah Benes
Colorist Alex Sinclair
Letterer Rob Leigh
Cover Penciller Michael Turner
Editor Eddie Berganza
Editor In Chief Dan DiDio


Felix Faust
Arsenal Roy Harper Jr.
Gold (Metal Men)
Deadman Boston Brand
Platinum (Metal Men)
Green Arrow Oliver Queen
Kathy Sutton
Signalman Phil Cobb
Red Tornado Ulthoon / John Smith
Green Lantern Hal Jordan
Traya Smith
Will Magnus
Vixen Mari Jiwe McCabe
Black Lightning Jefferson Pierce
Batman Bruce Wayne
Dr. Impossible Jonas Lock
Wonder Woman Diana
Superman Kal-El / Clark Kent
Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance

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